Schneider Electric introduces InRow DX 600mm

2016-08-07 16:57:36 admin 51

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, has introduced the second generation of the InRow DX (direct expansion) 600mm as the latest addition to the InRow product line.


The InRow Direct Expansion product design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load. This design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay as you grow environment.

The InRow DX 600mm expands on the company’s vast cooling portfolio to meet the evolving cooling needs of an ever-changing data centre environment, said a statement from Schneider Electric.

Given the growing demand for density cooling and temperature management in data centre, the InRow DX has been designed to lower energy costs and features enhanced controls and a new user interface, it said.

Datacentres are experiencing exponential growth in the region. At the same time, there is a heavy focus on curtailing energy costs and mitigating the carbon footprint towards sustainability.

IT equipment and sensitive technology which utilises electricity also emits heat as a waste product. Advanced cooling solutions have thus become critical to the smooth functioning of a datacentre, and to the maintenance of hardware carrying mission-critical enterprise data. In fact, a 2015 Research and Markets study states that the datacentre cooling market in the GCC will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.37 per cent over the period 2014 to 2019.

With the second generation InRow DX release, enterprises can significantly improve cooling efficiency by reducing power consumption while increasing capacity. Capable of high-density cooling up to 42kW with a 4000 SCFM max airflow in a small 600mm-wide footprint, this solution provides the highest partial-load energy savings in the industry, cutting energy consumption 50 per cent more than the first generation technology. This is enabled by the use of new brushless variable speed scroll compressors and EC fans, making the new InRow DX 600mm the most efficient system of its class.

The InRow DX design closely couples cooling with the IT heat load, preventing hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay as you grow environment. Available in self-contained, fluid-cooled, and air-cooled configurations with or without humidity control, the products meet the diverse requirements for closet, server room, and data centre cooling.

The addition of Active Flow Control, which measures air pressure inside the containment system and automatically adjusts fan speed to match the exact airflow of the IT equipment, increases precision and efficiency. With an improved user-friendly design, the InRow DX also features an intuitive 4.3-inch colour touch screen display and network card, to provide fast, easy access to data and increased visibility into cooling system performance.

Anne-Marie Gignac, vice president, cooling business, Schneider Electric, said: “Data centre managers face numerous obstacles on the path towards efficiency, including growing performance needs resulting in higher density systems, tightening energy regulations and pressure to reduce OpEx.”

“The latest generation of InRow direct expansion cooling puts efficiency and cost savings at the forefront for users, delivering the greatest partial-load energy savings available in a small but powerful system,” he said.

The InRow DX 600mm is now available for purchase in the Gulf region through Schneider Electric’s distributors and resellers, it added.