Rotary compressor has a mass Production scheduling in August, with an increase of 1.24 million

2016-09-10 11:09:26 admin 42

In August 2016, the top ten rotary compressor manufacturers arrange to produce 9.06 million units , 1.24 million increased compared to the same period last year, but 0.99 million decreased contrast to last month .

2.jpgIn view of the recent two months’ production plan, it’s obviously that the upstream manufacturers full of confidence to carry out production , most of the enterprises increase production plan this month compared to the same time one year ago, of which GMCC and RECHI are the top leaders ,more 1 million production plan increased than the same period last year in GMCC , and More 0.3 million in RECHI .It is seen that summer break in august does not cause a significant impact on the production .some companies declare that: as long as there is requirement ,there is production . Program should be placed on the first place, then the holiday rotation.

Up till to now , about two months’ hot weather help terminal household air conditioning market demand to improve significantly .There were forecasts that there is extremely hot weather in August and September nationwide .We wish a booming requirements of compressors to help the refrigeration industry to welcome a bright prospect.