Where is the next breakout of rotary compressors?

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After 2009, with home appliances going to the countryside and trading-in old home appliances for new ones, the second and third cities growing rapidly.  Countryside home appliances were so welcomed that compressor enterprises actively strived for orders .Meanwhile, by the implementation of air conditioning energy conservation policy,efficiency model became hot sell, in order to meet requirements of whole-machine , compressor enterprises work hard to improve energy efficiency& develop new products .


Under the influence of multiple policies in 2010, the first time the rotary compressor industry sales break million units, setting a historical record. Four years later, the yield reached 150 million, the rotary compressor industry went into a rapid development period.

2015-2016 contrast of production& sale in rotary compressor

Data From China IOL0825_3.jpg

However, when the subsidies dividend disappeared, domestic air conditioning market saturated and stock reserved, the status of the compressor became difficult. In 2016 cold year, rotary compressor sales 132 million units, fall about ten percent, of which scale shrink back to three years ago. Even some enterprises closed down. As an old saying goes:“In virtue of wind” ,where is the opportunity of the rotary compressors ?

First: researching on air conditioning field, aim at exploring oversea market & commercial compressors

1. In the hope of improving demand in overseas markets & globalization

In recent years, air-conditioning production in Southeast Asia & Latin America are increasing. What is more, competition becomes increasingly fierce because of matured domestic market technology and market saturation. For the future, regional brands will disappear, only globalization can survive.

According to monitoring data by China IOL, in recent 5 years, Compressor export proportion increased a lot, accounted for 17% in 2016.Take GMCC and RECHI for example, these two enterprises are the top 2 in exporting ,while HIGHLY and Korean companies , export scale maintains 2-3 million for many years.

Contrast between domestic & export market share in rotary compressor in 2012-2016



2. Developing high capacity models

According to data published by China IOL, domestic Multi-split air conditioners increased 43.2% in the first half of 2016. Enterprises pay much importance to domestic market, carrying out technological investment, promotion and so on .

It also can be seen from the data that, in first half year 2016, Rotating multi-line grew 52.8%, while multi-line scroll fell 2.4%

Up to till now, HIGHLY large-sized compressors covered 3HP ~ 16HP fixed speed and inverter air conditioner products. 8 HP models of ling da will also realize the mass production in short time. Mitsubishi Electric and Matsushita Wanbao are accelerating the market development of  3 ~ 10HP Inverter models .

Rotary compressor Market application contrast in 2015-2016


RECHI has been set a good example for us. They grab chances in heat pump dryer market and North America RV air conditioners, realizing the bulk supply quickly.

3. Coal to electricity project growing vigorously, can we grab the opportunity? 

Recently, the "coal to electricity" is the focus of the whole heat pump market, which becomes the favorite topic. Some insiders say that the policy of "coal to electricity" like that "home appliances to the countryside".  As the heart of the whole machine, can compressor grab the chance to develop itself? According to forecast data by China IOL, Air heating will occupy 24.89% market share(the whole Independent heating market include wall-hanging stove, solar energy, electronic heating and air heating ),an increase of an 17%.It is estimated that, the increase of air heating is more than 300% in 2016.

Among the compressors brand in air heating industry, Highly has the largest sales, then the GMCC and Ling da, then Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric, the last is the RECHI.

4.  Is there any chances in cold chain market?

Review in the 2015 and first half of 2016, though slight growth in the cold chain industry, but it at least looks fairly bright in the new economic normality. I believe that with the social development, the improvement of living diet and changing habits, the cold chain industry will have a bright future. 

Lingda is the first one to insight to the market opportunity and act quickly, They produced horizontal two-stage spray compressor which can stable operate for a long time in -45℃ Low evaporation temperature. It is learned that lingda has achieved mass production in 0.5-5PH Rotary single two-stage horizontal fixed / variable speed compressors. This type of compressor has been applied in a variety of different low temperature cold storage, freezer, display cabinets, medical equipment, medicine, military and other different commercial refrigeration unit, can meet the demand of various refrigeration field.

Rotary compressor Is not existed only for air conditioning, there should be more broad application fields and more possibilities. In virtue of wind, send me to sky!Let’s continue to look for development and opportunity .