Domestic sale of inverter air conditioner grew steadily on November

2017-01-06 16:12:07 admin 38


China IOL Monitoring shows that: on November 2016, the total sales of inverter air conditioner is 3.2876 million units, up 57.1% from a year ago, up 10% than last month. Domestic sale is 2.6465 million units, up 68.4% from a year ago, up 6.8% than last month. Export sales is 0.64112 million units, up 23% from a year ago, up 25.8% than last month

On November, the shipment of household air conditioning momentum remains very strong, Gree and Midea sweep away the previous haze, achieved an increase of 51% and 81% respectively from a year ago. Aux, TCL, Hisense, and other enterprises are also achieved a three-digit growth. Between fixed frequency and variable frequency, inverter air conditioner sales grew a lot.

Recently, some of the refrigeration equipment manufacturers have begun to increase the price because of the increased raw materials. Midea and Gree have announced to increase the price formally, the terminal products have rose 50-200 yuan per unit, which is an extra expense for consumer. If without outstanding performance superiority, the consumer do not like to accept the sudden price rises, on this occasion inverter air conditioner would be a good choice. Looking from the upstream compressor production and marketing, the proportion of variable frequency models also continued to rise. Usually ,it will takes about 2 months to process a compressor to a finished product, that is to say, variable frequency air conditioner would be a trend in the coming few months..

In recent years, the government published a lot of new policies on energy efficiency control, for example, the energy conservation policies, and energy efficiency unified policy on fixed frequency & variable frequency, which is full of positive meaning for the development of variable frequency air conditioner.

On November 2016, inverter air conditioner domestic sales accounted for about 49.8% of the total domestic sales of home air-conditioning, an increase of 2.7 percentage points over the same period last year