Price increase in refrigerant: How much do you know?

2017-01-20 09:51:44 admin 91


According to the ChinaIOL latest news, the domestic refrigerant prices will continue to rise this week.

HCFC-22 refrigerant EXW PRICE without package is about 9800-10500 yuan/ton, 200-500yuan /ton more expensive than last week, also a slight increase in TFE raw materials.

HFC-134a refrigerant EXW PRICE without package is about 21000-21500 yuan /ton. There is a serious shortage of refrigerant, so the manufacturing factory keep high price on orders. 

HFC-125 refrigerant EXW PRICE without package is about 22500-23000 yuan /ton, 100yuan /ton more expensive than last week.

HFC-32 refrigerant EXW PRICE without package increase to 12700-13200 yuan /ton from 12000-12700yuan /ton, the most crazy price this week.

HFC-410 refrigerant EXW PRICE without package is about 17800-18300 yuan /ton, 500yuan /ton more expensive than last week.

So, what is the reason lead to the prices up in refrigerant?

1. Fluorite price up

The raw material fluorite price increase a lot, up more than 300 yuan /ton in Dec. Before, the price of fluorite is low for long time, south part of the manufacturers shut down, and there is a shortage of supply.

So the EXW PRICES without package in Jan as below: Jinhua-Quzhou Region: 7300yuan /ton, Hangzhou: 7400 yuan /ton, south of Jiangsu: 7600yuan/ton, north of Jiangsu:7700 yuan /ton.

And it is said that the price will rise 600yuan /ton in Feb.

It is conceivable that the AHF greatly affected the refrigerant product prices

2. Road safety control accelerated the logistics costs

On September 21, 2016, the State Ministry of Transport issued a new overloading transport wagon details and penalties. Each overloading a maximum fine of 500 yuan, the maximum shall not exceed 30,000 yuan.

3. Strict environmental control forced some enterprises to suspend production

Near the end of the year, more haze weather in the north areas. At the end of December, Beijing launched a haze red warning, vehicle limit . On January 6, environment minister ji-ning Chen said: to strengthen supervision over the enterprises, improve the industry standards. Some of the chemical lines are forced to suspend production, leading to low stock and tight supply.

4. Rising demand in Air-conditioning

Recently, Gree ,Midea, Hisense, Chigo, Changhong and Oakes have all announced to increase price a lot. There is a huge demand of R410A models, and the majority of which are for exporting. So does R32, R125.