Energy –saving Heat Pump Dryer

2017-03-16 10:09:37 alice 46

Over the years, drying being as an indispensable process is of significance to agriculture, industry, and the application of drying equipment is also used more and more widely. At present, the main drying equipment is like fuel dryer, which uses wood, coal, natural gas as fuel, not only low drying efficiency, high cost, but in the drying process will release a large number of harmful gases, polluting the environment. In the increasingly tense global energy today, people are actively looking for energy efficient and environmentally friendly drying equipment.


With the development of technology, the air can serve as a new, energy-saving technology, to a great extent, solving traditional drying’s low efficiency and high cost problem. Now, air source heat pump dryer in many industries has gradually applied.


Tili heat pump dryer is mainly for industrial use, such as tobacco, fruit, tea leaf, sea food, wood, cloth, painting, etc. This device comprised indoor units and outdoor units, consice outlook, saving the place.