How to identify an heat pump is qualified?

2017-03-16 10:09:56 alice 92

Heat pump is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly product,  safe and easy to manage, and now it is well-accepted by many schools, hotels, families and others to build their hot water and heating/cooling supply system.


However, some heat pump hot water project in the course of use has gradually exposed a lot of problems, which include the quality of heat pump, the installation of the project, the use of management, etc., resulting abnormal hot water supply, large energy consumption, high heat Water costs and other consequences. Anyway, to be a expert of heat pump is actually very simple, you can too.


Here are some characteristics/ selecting skills of  heat pump for your information.


1.       Production license: because the air source heat pump is a strict technical requirements products, before you buy the goods you should check if it has the national industrial products production license which is issued by State administration of inspection and quarantine.  (Checking with the certificate number provided by manufacturers online to see its authenticity and to prevent forgery) An unlicensed enterprise can be regarded as illegal production, which product has not been tested by any authority, so the quality and performance is hardly guaranteed. This is the most important point because:

A.      Reduce the legal risk from 100% to 0%, just to do a no legal risk purchasing.

B.      In accordance with this point, you could eliminate more than 95% of the heat pump products, effectively reduce the risk and workload, improving accuracy

2.       Registered trademark certificate: heat pump as a commodity, the brand must be registered by the Trademark Office for selling.

3.       Performance test report: only detected by national authoritative department, complying with relevant standards that can be regarded as qualified product. High COP testing, high energy efficiency. A good air source heat pump always higher than ordinary 10%, do not trust buying a high quality product with cheap price.

4.       3C certificate: heat pump belongs to the national compulsory certification products, which must pass the test of China Quality Certification Center, and obtain Chinese national compulsory product certification (CCC certification) before selling.

5.       The unit’s structure and weight: difference of the weight from others is mainly three major factors: evaporator, condensing heat exchanger and shell; the same structure of the unit, the lighter weight shall have cut the suspect, light or short material causing unreliable product.

6.       Compressor: Compressor is likened to the heart of the heat pump. The performance is very important. Please choose the world famous brand like Panasonic, Daikin, Copeland, etc..

7.       Electronic control technology: If the compressor is the heart of the heat pump, then the electronic control is the brain. A good electronic control board can effectively solve the complex problems of the unit, being more simple in installation, more flexible in control, reducing the operation fault, ensuring the stability.

8.       Throttle technology: throttle technology is a key to optimize the performance of the heat pump unit. There are capillary throttle, thermal expansion valve throttle and electronic digital throttling expansion valve, among these three technology,  electronic expansion valve throttle is of the most advanced and effective solution to winter frost problems, accessing to higher energy efficiency, and more stable and reliable performance.

9.       Shell production process: a neat appearance, well-made sheet, reliable structure is the standards of a good product, otherwise, it is shoddy.

10.   Production equipment: only a good production equipment can produce a good heat pump. A professional performance testing room and test workshop is necessary. How can you accept one product without inspection?

11.   Installation level of the project: a good product also needs a good installation, a professional, experienced installation team is a success key, without who, an energy-saving items may become energy-intensive one.

12.   After-sales service: no product has impossibility of failure, therefore timely and capable after-sales service is essential. What’s more, according to the provisions of the state warranty, mechanical and electrical products should be of 18 months warranty period.