Congratulations:Shanghai Coka-our branch company moves to new office at the ten year's birthday!

2017-03-21 09:06:02 admin 74

Today, it is really a big day for Shanghai Coka Trading Co.,Ltd.& Only group ,it is a day with three happy events.

First: the 10th anniversary celebration of shanghai branch

Second: the housewarming of shanghai Coka new office

Third: Congratulations to the new general manager Mr Xulei

At 10 O’clock this morning, a simple and solemn housewarming ribbon-cutting ceremony is held in the Shanghai Coka new office building


Only Group Chairman Mr Chen (middle one),Guangdong Tili general manager Mr Huang(right two), Coka genareal manager Mr Xu(left two),Tili marketing general manager Mr Chen(right one),Coka vise general manager Ms Shen(left one) are celebrating of the housewarming .


A group photo of all the shanghai colleagues and the leading group

 Photograph of new office 


10th Anniversary Celebration banquet held in Shanghai Hualian Sofitel Hotel