Will CO2 become the refrigerant of next generation?

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The characteristics of different Refrigerant

The Current Refrigerant 

HFCR134A01430NoNoAutomobile A/C
R410A02090NoNoRoom A/C
R404A03920NoNoCold Storage
HCFCR220.0551900NoNo2020 banned
CFCR120.98500NoNo1996 banned

The Refrigerant of Next Generation

Natural Ref.CO201NoNoCold Storage
R29003StrongNoSmall Cold Room
NH300LittleYesCold Room
Low GWPHFO04LittleTestingAutomobile A/C
R320675LittleNoRoom A/C
HFO Mix01000~NoNo

Compressor manufacturers are studying to design compressors using nutural refrigerants so that they could best meet the market's requirement. e.g. Panasonic scroll compressor factory (old sanyo), it goes ahead in the market. 

They have pushed to the markets 3 series of CO2 compressors:

-15F serials

-20F serials

-33F serials


CO2 compressors are installed in air source heat pump, cold room, show case.