What areas of DC motors are worth expecting in the future?

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In 2017, air conditioner market can be considered as quite “hot”, it went through the “bitter day” during the same period last year due to high inventory but low demand, however situation reversed, in the second half of 2016, the high temperature driven the sale of the inventory of the entire air conditioner industry, meanwhile influenced by the rising price by both upstream and downstream enterprises, all of which let the depressed air conditioner industry advances again, showing a great momentum of rapid progress.

Frequency conversion market behave gratifying

DC motor proportion is growing

Recent years, influenced by the market downturn and changes of consumption demand, what’s more, upgrade of products drives inverter products and intellectualization becoming a new trend of the market. Coupled with continuous support by national policy and maturing of inverter technique, domestic inverter air conditioner market is developing dramatically.

According to recent data of China IOL, production of Q1 inverter air conditioner reaches 11,948,800 units in 2017, an increase of 55.2%. Driven by enormous demand of downstream market, domestic DC motor market is also growing. Statistically, gross sales of Q1 air conditioner DC motor amounts to 19,227,000 units in 2017, up by 26.9% compared to last year, which is slightly lower than the growth of inverter air conditioner but growing speed is higher than AC motor.

Compare to AC motor, DC motor has many advantages. Firstly, its rotor is permanently magnetic, no rotor losses and energy-saving. Secondly, driving by permanent magnetic field, it achieves super silent operation. Thirdly, with its brushless technology, it can alter motor speed by changing voltage or current, which makes operation more reliable and adjustment more precise.


Inverter air conditioner market continues to grow, promoting the development of DC motor. In terms of market share, DC motor occupies 27% of the domestic air conditioner motor in 2017, up by 3.8% compared to 2016, and market share of AC motor decreases respectively. Although its replacement rate is lower that inverter air conditioner, DC motor is of great significance for energy efficiency 1 and 2 inverter air conditioner. However, the increase rate of enterprise cost control is relatively slow.

Local enterprises rising VS Japanese enterprises shrinking

After years of technology accumulation, local enterprises gradually cut a striking figure, many DC motor manufacturers have achieved mass production and begun the competition for the market with long-term dominating Japanese enterprises. According to China IOL, up to Q1 of 2017, the market share of local enterprises is up by 9% compared to last year, and relevant Japanese brands have decreased to some extent.


Chinese local DC motor manufacturers behave extraordinarily, for example: Welling, Wolong, and KaiBang, the scale of them shows a sharply increasing. It is reported that driven by hot situation of inverter air conditioner, orders of DC motor increase, and many enterprises say they are in short supply. Some enterprises reflect that they will slowly adjust capacity layout in 2017, which means DC motor will occupy more market share.

Japanese brands continue to carry out strategic restructuring while their market share is occupied. Panasonic gradually fades out of low power DC motor market and fights its way to high power market; relying on its technological advantage, Shibaura continues to be the leader of the industry. According to its staff, Shibaura can supply DC motor to its domestic clients, besides, its exchange share will cover re-supply of several Japanese clients.

DC motor advantages gradually highlighted in new emerging market

Recently, frequent haze raises urban citizen’s demand for air purifier, and air purifier products have entered public view from minority consumption. With the great promotion of nation coal to electricity project, air purifier related industry also increases dramatically. Meanwhile, continuous improvement of the quality of user’s experience accelerates the integration of the supply chain of purification products. As the core of this “young market”, air conditioning motor gradually gets rid of the single field and applies to air purifier market.

According to China IOL, the annual sales of air purifier motor reaches 11, 430, 000 units in 2016, expected to reach 13, 500, 000 units in 2018, up by around 18%. With its advantages such as high efficiency, small size, low noise, long service life, and high reliability, DC motor is widely favored by market. China IOL shows that the use ratio of DC motor in air purifier motor market has exceeded 60% in 2016. With the upgrade of equipment, many companies say the ratio will increase further.


Summary: With the improvement of people’s life, development of modernized production and office automation, equipment like domestic appliance and industrial robot increasingly tends to be highly efficient, miniature and intelligent. As an important part of actuating component, motor must be precise, fast and efficient, and the application of DC motor will therefore rise accordingly. At the present, all kinds of AC motor still dominate the traditional market, but more and more attention will be paid to DC motor. In the next few years, the prospect of China’s DC motor market will advance dramatically.