Screw Type Water Cooled Chiller

Screw type water cooled chillers Features:1. Heating capacity range: 77.6rt ~ 713.1rt (273kw~2508.2kw)2. Cooling capacity range: 77rt ~ 993rt (271kw~3492.4kw)3. Heating recovery range: 85.6rt ~ 580rt

Brand : Tili
Refrigerant : R134a
Voltage : 380V/3Ph/50Hz
Capacity : 30HP-50HP

Screw type water cooled chillers Features:

1. Heating capacity range: 77.6rt ~ 713.1rt (273kw~2508.2kw)
2. Cooling capacity range: 77rt ~ 993rt (271kw~3492.4kw)
3. Heating recovery range: 85.6rt ~ 580rt (301.5~2040kw)
4. Refrigerant: 134a or R22

EKSC series screw-type water cooled chillers feature a leading-edge screw unit design, inherit this air conditioning innovations over 40 years and integrate 13 patents. Equipped with a double screw compressor and a high-efficiency heat exchanger developed by us, the units work at the optimal efficiency with the help of a state-of-the-art control system. Thanks to an innovative condensate heat recovery technology, the units can be used for multiple purposes to save energy, and best apply to places that have mangy buildings and require central air conditioning and hot water systems, such as high-rank hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals and factories.

Screw type water cooled chillers

Model No.
CoolingCooling CapacityU.S.RT248.5280.6331.8403.5448.8496.9561.3663.5806.9897.6
 Power InputKW153.3170.6200.6244.5271.5306.5341.2401.2489543
Chilled water flowm³/h150.3169.8200.7244.1271.5300.6339.5401.4488.1543
Pressure drop of chilled waterkPa42424955576267697272
Cooling Water flow m³/h176.7199.1235.2286.1318.2353.3398.2470.4572.2636.4
Pressure drop of cooling waterkPa47475967778282828585
HeatingHeating CapacityU.S.RT347.8392.3462.4562.4625.4695.6784.5924.91124.91250.7
 Power InputKW197.1220.1259.2315.3350.6394.2440.2518.4630.6701.2
Hot water flow ratem³/h150.3169.5199.8243270.2300.6339399.6486540.4
Pressure drop of Hot water kPa34344348565959596161
Water source flow ratem³/h176.5199.4235.2286318353398.9470.3572636
Pressure drop of  water sourcekPa58586776788287899090
Semi-closed double-screw compressor
Startup type
Power Supplyv/ph/hz380/3/50
Water cooled shell-tube type
Flooded type
Temperature control
PID control over water temperature
Outer diameter of chilled water inlet/outlet pipediameter mm219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1
Outer diameter of cooling water inlet/outlet pipediameter  mm168.3168.3168.3168.3168.3219.1219.1219.1219.1219.1
Weight of a single indoor unitkg5050525053505450560095109900100701027010580
Operating Weight kg548056805780588060501025010650108101101011310
Rated current (cooling)A263293345420466526586689840933
Rated current (heating)A33537644353859867075288610761196
Startup currentA749882135813581388749882135813581388
Max startup current (cooling)A74988213581358138810121175170217781854
Max startup current (heating)A74988213581358138813471551214523162452


1.Working conditions for nominal cooling capacity: inlet/outlet water temperature in the evaporator:12/7 degree; inlet/outlet water temperature in the condenser 30/35 degree
2. Working conditions for nominal heating capacity: water flow in the above table;inlet/outlet water temperature in the condenser:40/~ degree;inlet/outlet water temperature in the evaporator 20/~ degree (note:antifreeze is required when water temperature in the water circuit is lower than 3 degree in winter)
3. The pressure drop of condenser and evaporator don't include resistence from external water pipes and parts.
4. For on-site electric wiring,see the nameplate or installation manual of the unit