Some Compressors Made in China will no longer be Subject to Tariffs

2019-11-07 14:23:19 alice 26

On September 17th, local time, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced three notices on the exclusion list of tariffed goods from China.

This tariff exclusion list involves a total of 437 items, and the excluded items are mainly various types of equipment and equipment parts, organic synthetic materials, daily necessities, chemicals, textiles, mechanical and electrical equipment, chemical products, steel products. Some compressors are also on the exclusion list. These commodities are distributed among the three batches of Chinese goods that have been imposed on tariffs, which were announced by the United States last year, of $34 billion, $16 billion, and $200 billion.

Compressor related exclusions are as follow:


It can be seen from the above entries that the compressors involved are mainly scroll compressors, mainly used in refrigeration, automotive air conditioners, and engine auxiliary boosting. Basically, no industrial compressors are seen. This approach is in line with the US government's intention to reduce the direct consumption cost of the people, but it has not relaxed the Chinese industry.