Production and Sales of Scroll Compressor Continued to Decline in October

2019-12-09 14:15:24 alice 15

According to ChinaIOL, in October 2019, the total output of the Scroll Compressor Industry was 241 thousand units, up 5.84% from a year earlier, down 22.76% month-on-month; the total sales volume was 235.8 thousand, increasing 4.59% compared with a year ago, down 23.85% compared with September; the export volume was 36,300 units. The year-on-year rise was 8.53%, and the month-on-month decline was 21.47%. From January to October 2019, the cumulative output of the scroll compressor industry was 2.8453 million units, down 11.50% year-on-year; the cumulative sales volume was 2.8411 million units, down 11.62% year-on-year.

In October, the scroll compressor industry continued to rebound, with a small increase in production and sales year-on-year, and a significant decline in the month on month ratio. Due to the small base in the same period last year, the domestic and foreign markets all performed well this month, among which, the domestic market began to stabilize in the short term after more than a year of decline, while the export market continued to rebound. From the perspective of downstream applications, the on-line statistics of the industry shows that the overall performance of the household air conditioning industry in October is good, and the level of production and sales shows a single digit growth compared with the same period of last year. Among them, the domestic market shows a general performance, but due to the small base in the same period of last year, the domestic sales volume is flat and slightly increased. The export market benefits from the gradual easing of trade policies, and the export order is stable, which is realized compared with the same period of last year as year-on-year single digit growth. In terms of commercial air conditioning, the overall growth of the industry continued to be small in October, among which, as the mainstream product, the multi connected air conditioning showed a stable performance this month, slightly higher than the overall average growth level of commercial air conditioning; in other products, the unit machine showed a small growth, while the module machine showed a slight downward slide.

In terms of export, the export volume of scroll compressor in October was 36300 sets, up 8.53% year on year; the export volume was 11.95 million US dollars, up 16.19% year on year; the export unit price was 329 US dollars / set, up 7.05% year on year. The export market has performed well this month, but the performance of mainstream scroll compressor enterprises is different. Emerson and Xi'an Daikin have performed prominently this month, with a substantial increase compared with the same period last year. In terms of export areas, India, Brazil and the United States are the regions with more export volume this month, among which India and Brazil are showing a growth trend compared with the same period last year, while the export to the United States is showing a decline. In other regions, markets such as France and Japan also increased compared with the same period of last year, while markets such as Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, which exported reasonably well in the same period of last year, performed poorly, with a significant decline compared with the same period of last year. (Note: the scroll compressor described in this paper is mainly air conditioning scroll compressor product)