Environmental Friendly Air Cooled Water Chiller R410A

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R410A
  • Voltage:380V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity:30HP-50HP

The modular air-cooled water chiller with environment friendly refrigerant model uses new-generation R410A refrigerant which does not cause ozone depletion. 

The unit features optimized system design and an excellent COP. The unit is not only cost effective but also environment friendly, easy to operate, reliable in performance, and can be installed flexibly. Therefore, units of this series are widely used in dining halls, bars, hotels, offices, top-tier clubs, hospitals, etc.




Model No.
Nominal cooling capacitykw63126189252315378
Nominal heating capacitykw68136204272340408
Total power of nominal cooling capacitykw1938577695114
Total power of nominal heating capacitykw19.839.659.479.299118.8
Power supplyv/ph/hz380/3/50
Flow control
Electronic expansion valve
Water side heat  exchangerType
High-efficiency  vacuum braze-welded panel type
Water flow for coolingm³/h10.821.632.443.25464.8
Water flow rate in heating modem³/h11.723.435.146.858.570.2
Water resistancekPa434343434343
Recommended diameter for water pipesinch≥2≥3≥3≥4≥4≥5
DimensionsL×Hmm 2012×1840
Widthmm 88021253370461558607105
Net weightkg51510301545206025753090
Operation weightkg52510501575210026253150
1. Test conditions for nominal cooling capacity: outlet water temperature 7°C; water flow: 0.172m3/(h@kw); outdoor ambient temperature 35°C.
2. Test conditions for nominal heating capacity: outlet water temperature 45°C; water flow: 0.172m3/(h@kW); outdoor dry/web bulb temperature 7°C/6°C.
3. Water resistance at the air conditioner side includes water pressure drop of the unit and the attached Y-shaped filter.
4. Main Pipes of combined units need to be customized and installed on site. The diameter of the pipes must meet design requirements. TILI does not provide the pipes.
5. Modular units can be formed using the 1 - 16 basic modules of same type or of different types as per practical needs. The above table lists the parameters for common module combinations.
6. For on-site electric wiring, see the name plate or installation menu of the unit.