Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil Unit

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R410A
  • Voltage:220-240V/50Hz
  • Capacity:12HP-15HP

Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil

With a compact, graceful and robust design, this super-thin unit can be concealed in a small space inside the ceiling.

Specification for Model of Dual Pipe with 4 Rows of Coils and Large Temperature Drop

Rated air flow (m3/h; under static pressure of 12Pa, 30Pa and 50Pa)H34051068085010201360170020402380
Rated cooling
capacity (W)
Total heating/cooling capacityH212533854390490262078096101651106613744
Sensible heating/cooling capacityH123320592848335341795572712579619770
Rated heating capacity (W)H35765427691583351223813216165871833922160
Rated input
power (W)
Static pressure of 12PaH3246567393133164188229
Static pressure of 30PaH41537286107142183217239
Static pressure of 50PaH46657790115162187227279
current (A)
Static pressure of 12PaH0.
Static pressure of 30PaH0.20.240.330.390.480.650.830.991.09
Static pressure of 50PaH0.210.290.350.410.520.740.851.031.27
Sound dB(A)Static pressure of 12PaH33.532.538.541.544.545484951
Static pressure of 30PaH39.5404344464650.550.551.5
Static pressure of 50PaH4243454647.548.550.552.553
Water flowm³/h0.210.330.430.480.60.790.991.071.32
Water resistance (cooling)kPa51322101616252029
Water resistance (heating)kPa491881313201724
CoilTypeMechanically expanded quality copper tubes specially designed for air conditioners
with shutter-type hyperbolic aluminum fins
Working pressure1.6MPa
Test pressureAirtightness test under pressurized water: 3.3 Mpa
FanTypeForward-pitched multi-wing centrifugal fan with double-suction impellers made from zinc-plated steel plates
MotorTypeSingle-phase ball-bearing capacitive motor with a high precision and low operation sound
Power supply220/1/50
Protection gradeIP20
Insulation gradeB
water pipe
Pipe diameterRc3/4 taper pipe with internal thread
water pipe
Pipe diameterDiameter R 3/4 taper pipe with external threads
Net weight
(no electric
No return air plenumkg11.814.316.817.919.128.431.434.341.3
With return air plenumkg14.817.920.822.223.734.437.841.549.5
Electric heater
Power supply
Electric heating capacitykw1/21/2/32/3/42/3/42/3/43/4/53/4/54/5/65/6/7
Net weight
(with electric
No return air plenumkg14.917.520.521.823.233.436.640.147.8
With return air plenumkg17.921.124.526.127.839.44347.356
1. Working conditions for cooling: inlet air temperature - dry/wet bulb 27°C/19.5°C; temperature of inlet/outlet water - 5°C/15°C.
2. Working conditions for heating: inlet air temperature - dry bulb 21°C; inlet water temperature 60°C; water flow - equal to that for cooling
3. Rated air flow is measured under standard atmosphere using dry coils (dry bulb 20°C).
4. Sound pressure grade and sound level are measured in a semi-silent room as per GB/T 19232-2003.
5. H, M and L represent high, medium and low fan speed respectively.
6. Static pressure refers to outlet static pressure.
7. All performance parameters in the above table are measure with a power supply of 220V~/50Hz.
8. The right/left orientation of connection pipes are exchangeable on site (cooling/heating capacity needs to be multiplied by a correction factor
of 0.93 after exchange).