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Tili strives to be your reliable partner of HVAC system.
  • 30 years +
    30 years +

    30+ years’ experience in HVAC industry, well reputation in industry, we strive to become your long-term reliable partner Industrial Experience of 30 years ensures refined service from single refrigeration compressor to a wide range of HVAC components, covering all aspects of HAVC (comprehensive HVAC components and HAVC systems); close relationship between upstream and downstream. Years of stable cooperation makes Tili to meet the requirement of downstream effectively, forward the favorable policies and new products to downstream from upstream in time. to resolve the issues (pre-sales, after-sa...

  • Authorized Agent
    Authorized Agent

    Authorized Agents in the FIRST ROW  Find world-famous brands you are familiar here, renowned brands such as Panasonic, LG, Daikin are all available in Tili Quality Guarantee agent products are 100% genuine agent products are brand new totally original packing, original accessories customers enjoy the services standard of factory Sufficient Supply we will stock for regular models for emergent orders according to customer’s sales feedback to avoid supply shortage.

  • Technical Support
    Technical Support

    Care for pre-sales, after-sales more  Professional sales team and engineers are always standing-by for you.  Pre-sales We are well-known for market chain of factory, and provide corresponding program according to customer’s special requirement. We will communicate with customer for the below chart at the early time of demand confirmation: After-sales We have dedicated technicians who assistant customer in technical installation, system build and debug; and if necessary, our technicians will head for production line for guide. Resolution of defective issues. We have a set of defective...

  • Considerate Services
    Considerate Services

    Considerate service will be with you all the time. We think in your way, so we know what the best service means to. Foreign salesman of Tili has professional foreign trade quality, and is familiar with the whole foreign trade procedure and chain Foreign trade procedure many years’ cooperative forwarder, logistic company and professional customs declaration company, we have tacit understanding with them. It helps customer to be cost-saving in cargo transportation, safe and effective in customs declaration.  Technical basis After a system of technical training, salesman has a certain techni...

Company Profile
Company Profile Tili belongs to the ONLY GROUP, established on 17th April 1991,focused on compressors and refrigeration components. Through many years of unremitting efforts,with the pursuit of integrity and professional technology, we have developed business structure and become many authorized agents from several world-famous companies. Now we area global view enterprise in refrigeration industry; we have our own brandas well as R&D center with the capability to integrate industry resources. History 1991 Only Group was founded 1997 Authorized to be the Sole Agent by Panasonic A/C Compressor in China 1999 Authorized to be the Agent by Daikin Scroll compressor in China 2000 Authorized to be Agent by LG A/C compressor in China 2002  Authorized to distribute Daikin VRV Commercial A/C in Guangdong 2003  Authorized to be General Agent by Daikin new refrigerant in China and General Agent of  Panasonic  Automotive A/C Compressor 2005  Headquarter in Guangzhou Science City was put into use, Tili Technical Lab began to operate 2009 Authorized to be the General Agent of Daikin Fluoro Coating in China 2010   Authorized to be Agent of Danfoss Performer compressor in China 2014  Authorized to be Agentof McQuay J&E Hall screw compressor 2015   Authorized to be Distributor of Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Systems 2017   Panasonic and Tili’s 20th Anniversary Ceremony was held 2019   Guangzhou Tili New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded Misssion To offer the most competitive supporting products to better meet clients' requirements To offer prompt services of pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale To offer the technical support for new products and professional guidance To share the analysis and trend of HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) business To assist QC activities and offer production site management technology training
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  • New Trends for Scroll Compressors Nov 05, 2021
    New Trends for Scroll Compressors
    Energy saving and environmental protection have become the development trend of the industry In September 2020, my country put forward the goal of “reaching carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060”. The refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, which accounts for more than 15% of the electricity consumption of the whole society, is closely related to the goal of carbon neutrality. Demand for high-energy-efficiency refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems will be gradually released. At the same time, heat pump products are also one of the key equipment to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, improve energy system structure, and increase energy utilization efficiency. There is huge room for development in waste heat recovery and energy cascade utilization. The state encourages energy conservation and environmental protection policies to accelerate the release of market demand for energy conservation transformation and green upgrading. In recent years, from the policy orientation of our country to the users of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, the demand for green environmental protection products has been increasing, and the standards and requirements have also become higher and higher. The increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection has continuously driven the development and upgrading of related products and technologies in the compressor industry, which has led to the growth of scroll compressor products. In terms of the stock market, China is the world's second largest consumer market for scroll compressors. The huge stock base determines the huge demand for replacement, transformation and upgrading. Many refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems have reached the age of upgrading, and some old equipment and systems still in use have problems such as poor effect, high energy consumption, multiple failures, and high safety risks. The maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems The demand for renewal, transformation, and upgrading has huge potential and continues to grow. It will further tap the potential of the stock market and become an ever-increasing endogenous development power for the future development of the scroll compressor industry. In terms of emerging markets, in 2020, “New Infrastructure” was written into the government work report for the first time, which mentioned strengthening the construction of new infrastructure, including the construction of 5G base stations, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet. As a key guarantee for the reliable operation of data centers and 5G base stations, cooling equipment for data centers and 5G base stations has become a new space for the development of the commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning market. Smart cities will also accelerate the implementation process under the impetus of "new infrastructure". As an importa...
  • The Sep 16, 2021
    The "Kigali Amendment" officially came into effect, the refrigerant industry is expected to be "heated up"
    The "Kigali Amendment" officially came into effect, the refrigerant industry is expected to be "heated up" On September 15, the "Montreal Protocol" Kigali Amendment (hereinafter referred to as the "Kigali Amendment") formally entered into force in my country. On the same day, Oriental Fortune's fluorine chemical sector rose 4.13%, Juhua, Sanmei, Yonghe, Tianji, Longxing Chemical, etc. have their daily limit, Binhua, Zhongxin Fluorine, Duo Fluoride, Yongtai Technology, etc. There are also varying degrees of increase. "The "Kigali Amendment" is generally good for the refrigerant industry. In the short term, although the production of third-generation refrigerants will face a gradual reduction, which will have a certain impact on the production and operation of enterprises, it also raises industry barriers and adjusts In the long run, it will promote the structural reform of the refrigerant industry and accelerate the iterative update of products. With the development and improvement of my country’s carbon trading market, fluorine chemical companies are expected to change the remaining carbon emissions through product iteration in the future. Come true gold and silver." A senior executive of a listed fluorine chemical company told a reporter from Shanghai Securities News.
  • Honeywell developed an air filter coating that claims to kill 98% of the new  corona virus Aug 17, 2021
    Honeywell developed an air filter coating that claims to kill 98% of the new corona virus
    Honeywell International CEO Darius Adamczyk recently stated that the company is developing an air filter coating that can kill up to 98% of the new corona virus and is expected to be ready by the end of September as soon as possible. Adamczyk said in an interview that the chemical coating needs to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Honeywell is seeking Texas and North Carolina as partners to help speed up the process, he said This coating can replace heating and air conditioning filters currently used in schools and commercial buildings, avoiding expensive upgrades to these systems to handle more intensive filtration. Honeywell is seeking to prepare the filter coating before the end of the quarter and has conducted independent laboratory tests. The results show that the product is 97% to 98% effective in eliminating viruses. Adamczyk said that the product was developed by materials scientists in Honeywell's UOP division, and the market size may "easily reach hundreds of millions of dollars."
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Find world-famous brands you are familiar here, renowned brands such as Panasonic, LG, Daikin are all available in Tili

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