Siemens Home Appliances lauch first cellar-style wine cabinet Aug 26, 2022

A few days ago, Siemens Home Appliances launched the first cellar-style wine cabinet, creating a comfortable home for fine wines with professional wine storage solutions. The Siemens independent wine storage cabinet adopts the obsidian color as the main color as a whole, which is calm and atmospheric, showing a model of light luxury in a low-key manner. The exterior of the wine cabinet has smooth lines and versatile textures. The transparent cabinet is integrated with the space, which can easily adapt to various home decoration styles, showing the true meaning of minimalist aesthetics.

Different temperature zones up and down to achieve precise temperature control

In order to achieve precise temperature control of red wine, Siemens self-contained wine cellars use a mesh cooling system, with dynamic cooling fans, and use the upper and lower temperature differences naturally formed by the cold air to create different temperature zones between 6 and 18 °C to ensure a stable and uniform cooling capacity. At the same time, it provides a suitable storage area for different wines such as red wine, white wine and champagne.

Intelligently balance the humidity and protect the beautiful taste

In addition to temperature, humidity is also crucial to the storage quality of red wine. In order to provide the most suitable humidity conditions for the wine, Siemens independent wine storage cabinet adopts the most advanced humidity balance system, which can intelligently sense the changes of the wine storage environment and automatically balance the humidity to ensure that the cork is dry and elastic, while ensuring the quality of the wine. , taking into account the protection of the bottle label paper.

Efficient shock absorption and noise reduction

In order to reduce the possible impact of wine cabinet vibration on wine quality, Siemens self-contained wine cabinets use imported oak wine racks, which can effectively prevent the weak vibration of the compressor from being transmitted to the wine bottles, and further enhance the stability of the wine storage environment.

UV protection

Traditional red wine wineries are mostly built in basements to avoid the oxidation of red wine in glass bottles caused by ultraviolet rays. In order to simulate the environment of underground wine cellars to protect the quality of red wine to the greatest extent, Siemens self-contained wine storage cabinets use UV-resistant glass with double-layer online coating process, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of wine by ultraviolet rays, and make the wine “sleep” without worry.

In addition to the above four-fold insurance, the Siemens independent wine cellar is also equipped with an activated carbon filter, which can effectively ensure unobstructed air inside and outside the cabinet, circulate and purify the air, and allow the wine to "breathe" freely; At the same time, it is equipped with a high performance low noise compressor to reduce noise and stabilize the wine storage environment, while keeping consumers away from noise in their home time.

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