• Guangdong TILI to Showcase Latest Panasonic Compressors and Heating Solutions at the 135th Canton Fair
    Apr 12, 2024 Guangdong TILI to Showcase Latest Panasonic Compressors and Heating Solutions at the 135th Canton Fair
    Guangdong TILI, a leading company in the refrigeration and heating industry, is gearing up to participate in the upcoming 135th Canton Fair (the world’s largest trade fair for import and export), scheduled to take place from April 15 to 19, 2024. The company will showcase its latest innovations in compressor technology and heating solutions at booth number 2.2L11, inviting both existing and potential partners to visit and engage in detailed discussions. At the fair, TILI will prominently display the latest range of Panasonic DC inverter rotary compressors, including models using environmentally friendly refrigerant like R290 and CO2. These compressors represent a significant leap forward in terms of efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness, making them ideal for a wide range of refrigeration and heating applications. In addition to the compressors, Tili will also present its comprehensive heat pump heating solutions. These solutions are designed to provide efficient and cost-effective heating in both residential and commercial settings. The company will highlight its DC inverter heat pump heating units, which offer precise temperature control and low energy consumption. Moreover, Tili will showcase its portable air conditioning units, which are perfect for spaces where a permanent air conditioning system is not feasible or desired. These units are lightweight, do not need to be installed, and provide powerful cooling capabilities. The company is excited to welcome both old and new friends to its booth at the Canton Fair. Tili looks forward to discussing potential business opportunities, sharing its expert knowledge, and demonstrating how its products and solutions can enhance the efficiency and comfort of various heating and cooling systems. With its commitment to innovation and quality, Guangdong Tili aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the global refrigeration and heating industry. The Canton Fair provides an excellent platform for the company to showcase its capabilities and connect with potential partners from around the world. Visitors to the fair are encouraged to make their way to booth 2.2L11 to discover the latest from Guangdong Tili and Panasonic. The company looks forward to a successful exhibition and hopes to establish long-lasting relationships with its visitors.
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  • Siemens Home Appliances lauch first cellar-style wine cabinet
    Aug 26, 2022 Siemens Home Appliances lauch first cellar-style wine cabinet
    A few days ago, Siemens Home Appliances launched the first cellar-style wine cabinet, creating a comfortable home for fine wines with professional wine storage solutions. The Siemens independent wine storage cabinet adopts the obsidian color as the main color as a whole, which is calm and atmospheric, showing a model of light luxury in a low-key manner. The exterior of the wine cabinet has smooth lines and versatile textures. The transparent cabinet is integrated with the space, which can easily adapt to various home decoration styles, showing the true meaning of minimalist aesthetics. Different temperature zones up and down to achieve precise temperature control In order to achieve precise temperature control of red wine, Siemens self-contained wine cellars use a mesh cooling system, with dynamic cooling fans, and use the upper and lower temperature differences naturally formed by the cold air to create different temperature zones between 6 and 18 °C to ensure a stable and uniform cooling capacity. At the same time, it provides a suitable storage area for different wines such as red wine, white wine and champagne. Intelligently balance the humidity and protect the beautiful taste In addition to temperature, humidity is also crucial to the storage quality of red wine. In order to provide the most suitable humidity conditions for the wine, Siemens independent wine storage cabinet adopts the most advanced humidity balance system, which can intelligently sense the changes of the wine storage environment and automatically balance the humidity to ensure that the cork is dry and elastic, while ensuring the quality of the wine. , taking into account the protection of the bottle label paper. Efficient shock absorption and noise reduction In order to reduce the possible impact of wine cabinet vibration on wine quality, Siemens self-contained wine cabinets use imported oak wine racks, which can effectively prevent the weak vibration of the compressor from being transmitted to the wine bottles, and further enhance the stability of the wine storage environment. UV protection Traditional red wine wineries are mostly built in basements to avoid the oxidation of red wine in glass bottles caused by ultraviolet rays. In order to simulate the environment of underground wine cellars to protect the quality of red wine to the greatest extent, Siemens self-contained wine storage cabinets use UV-resistant glass with double-layer online coating process, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of wine by ultraviolet rays, and make the wine “sleep” without worry. In addition to the above four-fold insurance, the Siemens independent wine cellar is also equipped with an activated carbon filter, which can effectively ensure unobstructed air inside and outside the cabinet, circulate and purify the air, and allow the wine to "breathe" freely; At the same time, it is equipped with a high performance low noise compressor to reduce noise and stabilize the wine storage environm...
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  • The price of copper has dropped by more than 30%! Is the home appliance industry opportunity for improvement under the
    Jul 13, 2022 The price of copper has dropped by more than 30%! Is the home appliance industry opportunity for improvement under the "three-year cold winter theory"?
    In this context, the mid-stream and downstream manufacturing industries may be expected to welcome the opportunity of expected improvement in profit. The home appliance industry has also attracted the attention of the market, but how much impact does the fall in commodity prices have on the industry, and is the home appliance industry expected to usher in an inflection point? Copper prices have fallen sharply, and the home appliance industry has come to an inflection point? In February this year, the international situation was turbulent and unstable. The sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia led to a sharp rise in the prices of oil, copper, nickel and other materials in the international market. The bulk raw materials used in the production of home appliances are steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, etc., and these raw materials account for 5-60% of the cost of refrigerator, air-conditioner and washing machine. In this regard, home appliance companies have to increase prices in order to maintain product profits. But in the face of the already low market demand, the price increase is undoubtedly aggravating. But recently, the prices of upstream bulk materials that have caused many home appliance companies a "headache" are falling. As the "leading big brother", the price of copper continued its downward trend. On July 6, the London LME copper price once dropped below $7,300 per ton, hitting a new low in a year. Compared with the high point of the year, the decline amounted to 32.77%. In the second quarter, the average price of aluminum fell by 7.1% month-on-month, and the cold-rolled sheet fell by 2.18% month-on-month. According to industry experts, the drop in the prices of the above-mentioned bulk raw materials will reduce the production costs of home appliance companies. Copper prices are falling the fastest, and companies in the air-conditioning industry chain that use more copper materials are expected to benefit first. In the context of the continuous increase in the average price, white goods are benefit the most. Today, the fall in the price of bulk materials is undoubtedly beneficial to the cost reduction of home appliance companies, but it may not be the case that the turning point of the home appliance industry has come. In fact, in May of this year, Midea Group, one of the three major home appliance giants in China, revealed the content of a conference call on the Internet. At the meeting, executives explained and interpreted the company's strategic plan for 2022. At the meeting, Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, said that the company's goal in 2022 is to achieve reasonable income and return to profitability, with the focus on improving profitability. The specific goal is to return to 2019 profitability levels. It is worth mentioning that Fang Hongbo also said, "The industry will face greater difficulties in the next three years, which is an unprecedented cold winter." The word "cold winter" may be a little exaggerated, bu...
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  • New Trends for Scroll Compressors
    Nov 05, 2021 New Trends for Scroll Compressors
    Energy saving and environmental protection have become the development trend of the industry In September 2020, my country put forward the goal of “reaching carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060”. The refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, which accounts for more than 15% of the electricity consumption of the whole society, is closely related to the goal of carbon neutrality. Demand for high-energy-efficiency refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems will be gradually released. At the same time, heat pump products are also one of the key equipment to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, improve energy system structure, and increase energy utilization efficiency. There is huge room for development in waste heat recovery and energy cascade utilization. The state encourages energy conservation and environmental protection policies to accelerate the release of market demand for energy conservation transformation and green upgrading. In recent years, from the policy orientation of our country to the users of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, the demand for green environmental protection products has been increasing, and the standards and requirements have also become higher and higher. The increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection has continuously driven the development and upgrading of related products and technologies in the compressor industry, which has led to the growth of scroll compressor products. In terms of the stock market, China is the world's second largest consumer market for scroll compressors. The huge stock base determines the huge demand for replacement, transformation and upgrading. Many refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems have reached the age of upgrading, and some old equipment and systems still in use have problems such as poor effect, high energy consumption, multiple failures, and high safety risks. The maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems The demand for renewal, transformation, and upgrading has huge potential and continues to grow. It will further tap the potential of the stock market and become an ever-increasing endogenous development power for the future development of the scroll compressor industry. In terms of emerging markets, in 2020, “New Infrastructure” was written into the government work report for the first time, which mentioned strengthening the construction of new infrastructure, including the construction of 5G base stations, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet. As a key guarantee for the reliable operation of data centers and 5G base stations, cooling equipment for data centers and 5G base stations has become a new space for the development of the commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning market. Smart cities will also accelerate the implementation process under the impetus of "new infrastructure". As an importa...
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  • The
    Sep 16, 2021 The "Kigali Amendment" officially came into effect, the refrigerant industry is expected to be "heated up"
    The "Kigali Amendment" officially came into effect, the refrigerant industry is expected to be "heated up" On September 15, the "Montreal Protocol" Kigali Amendment (hereinafter referred to as the "Kigali Amendment") formally entered into force in my country. On the same day, Oriental Fortune's fluorine chemical sector rose 4.13%, Juhua, Sanmei, Yonghe, Tianji, Longxing Chemical, etc. have their daily limit, Binhua, Zhongxin Fluorine, Duo Fluoride, Yongtai Technology, etc. There are also varying degrees of increase. "The "Kigali Amendment" is generally good for the refrigerant industry. In the short term, although the production of third-generation refrigerants will face a gradual reduction, which will have a certain impact on the production and operation of enterprises, it also raises industry barriers and adjusts In the long run, it will promote the structural reform of the refrigerant industry and accelerate the iterative update of products. With the development and improvement of my country’s carbon trading market, fluorine chemical companies are expected to change the remaining carbon emissions through product iteration in the future. Come true gold and silver." A senior executive of a listed fluorine chemical company told a reporter from Shanghai Securities News.
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  • Honeywell developed an air filter coating that claims to kill 98% of the new  corona virus
    Aug 17, 2021 Honeywell developed an air filter coating that claims to kill 98% of the new corona virus
    Honeywell International CEO Darius Adamczyk recently stated that the company is developing an air filter coating that can kill up to 98% of the new corona virus and is expected to be ready by the end of September as soon as possible. Adamczyk said in an interview that the chemical coating needs to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Honeywell is seeking Texas and North Carolina as partners to help speed up the process, he said This coating can replace heating and air conditioning filters currently used in schools and commercial buildings, avoiding expensive upgrades to these systems to handle more intensive filtration. Honeywell is seeking to prepare the filter coating before the end of the quarter and has conducted independent laboratory tests. The results show that the product is 97% to 98% effective in eliminating viruses. Adamczyk said that the product was developed by materials scientists in Honeywell's UOP division, and the market size may "easily reach hundreds of millions of dollars."
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  • Jun 15, 2021 "Copper price goes up again"!The second quarter is likely to reach the highest point in the year
        Recently, copper prices is the highest price during 15years and are expected to reach the highest point in the year in the second quarter.     With the rising cost of raw materials such as copper, iron and plastics, the world expects that China's home appliance exports will continue to grow in the first and second quarters of this year.Suo Xiaofang, deputy general manager of industrial online home appliance business division, said to the reporter of China first finance and Economics: "China's home appliance export has entered a new cycle, from OEM to independent R & D and innovation.     Chile, the world's largest copper worker strikes, copper prices soar again.     Then a large number of strikes broke out in China, and many copper workers, including the largest copper mine, escondadi, agreed to strike on May 27. Affected by this, the international copper price rose in an all-round way. In addition, COVID-19, Chile, Peru and Mexico, had a serious impact on production in China. The US $1 trillion and 900 billion plan has stimulated the rise in copper prices.
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  • The world will install 5 million heat pumps per month by 2030
    Jun 14, 2021 The world will install 5 million heat pumps per month by 2030
        The  International Energy Agency (IEA) on Paris released a report entitled "Net Zero By 2050 - a roadmap for the global energy sector" on the 18th, saying that in the short term, governments should immediately deploy all available clean and efficient energy technologies on a large scale, In order to achieve the goal of zero net emissions in the global energy sector by 2050, we will install heat  pumps in the construction sector.     According to the report, heating and cooling technologies such as heat pumps have made a  significant contribution to near zero emission of buildings. By 2050, the number of households  using natural gas for heating will drop from the current 30% to 0.5%, the number of households  using electric heating will increase from the current 20% to 35% by 2030, and reach 55% by 2050. High efficiency electric heating pump has become the main technology choice for  heating.     In 2030, the number of heat pumps installed every month in the world will increase from 1.5  million now to about 5 million.
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