New Trends for Scroll Compressors Nov 05, 2021

Energy saving and environmental protection have become the development trend of the industry
In September 2020, my country put forward the goal of “reaching carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060”. The refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, which accounts for more than 15% of the electricity consumption of the whole society, is closely related to the goal of carbon neutrality. Demand for high-energy-efficiency refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems will be gradually released. At the same time, heat pump products are also one of the key equipment to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, improve energy system structure, and increase energy utilization efficiency. There is huge room for development in waste heat recovery and energy cascade utilization. The state encourages energy conservation and environmental protection policies to accelerate the release of market demand for energy conservation transformation and green upgrading.

In recent years, from the policy orientation of our country to the users of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, the demand for green environmental protection products has been increasing, and the standards and requirements have also become higher and higher. The increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection has continuously driven the development and upgrading of related products and technologies in the compressor industry, which has led to the growth of scroll compressor products.

In terms of the stock market, China is the world's second largest consumer market for scroll compressors. The huge stock base determines the huge demand for replacement, transformation and upgrading. Many refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems have reached the age of upgrading, and some old equipment and systems still in use have problems such as poor effect, high energy consumption, multiple failures, and high safety risks. The maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems The demand for renewal, transformation, and upgrading has huge potential and continues to grow. It will further tap the potential of the stock market and become an ever-increasing endogenous development power for the future development of the scroll compressor industry.

In terms of emerging markets, in 2020, “New Infrastructure” was written into the government work report for the first time, which mentioned strengthening the construction of new infrastructure, including the construction of 5G base stations, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet. As a key guarantee for the reliable operation of data centers and 5G base stations, cooling equipment for data centers and 5G base stations has become a new space for the development of the commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning market.

Smart cities will also accelerate the implementation process under the impetus of "new infrastructure". As an important unit that constitutes a smart city, the smart building solution combining "HVAC and building automation technology" is a comprehensive application solution based on artificial intelligence, Internet platforms, and even 5G. As the "new infrastructure" accelerates the promotion of 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, intelligent solutions for centralized air-conditioning systems will be quickly implemented.

The new infrastructure will promote the development of traditional industries to network, digitization, and intelligence, promote the development of rail transit, public services, medical and health, cold chain logistics and other industries, and further open up the mid-to-long term of the commercial air-conditioning, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment and scroll compressor industries Room for growth.

Medical freezing and refrigeration equipment has become a popular direction for the development of the industry

As the demand for medicines and vaccines that require low-temperature storage increases year by year, especially the surge in demand for related medicines and vaccines caused by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, freezing and refrigeration facilities and equipment that meet the management standards for the production, storage and transportation of medicines and vaccines are welcome. With rapid growth, the market for medicine and vaccine refrigerated (freezer) boxes, related storage and transportation equipment and their parts and components is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future and for some time to come, which will drive the growth of scroll compressors.

Increased product intelligence and advanced manufacturing

The scroll compressor industry is a typical discrete manufacturing industry, with different target customer groups, and user needs have become the primary productive force to promote the development of the industry. Using digital technology and advanced manufacturing technology, through component standardization and product customization, to achieve mass customization will be the development direction of the scroll compressor industry's intelligent manufacturing model. With the support of standardized technology, modern design methods, digital technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the company builds "the ability to accurately obtain customer needs, product modular configuration design capabilities, flexible manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain companies’ partnership partnerships" Will continue to promote the intelligent upgrade of the advanced manufacturing mode of the scroll compressor industry.

Consumption upgrade promotes the growth of freezing and refrigeration equipment

As a refrigeration and air conditioner serving the people’s lives, it must not only be able to achieve basic functions, but also meet the requirements of people’s quality of life and consumption upgrades. In recent years, the "home economy" including cold chain home delivery has developed into a relatively independent business model.

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