ONLY GROUP 《The Technological Front Line》 Jun 11, 2021

1.Daikin and Tottori University reach an agreement to study new air conditioning demand direction

Daikin  and Tottori University recently announced a series of cooperation agreements on Dryland science and health research. Tottori University has the only dryland research center in Japan. In this cooperation, it will integrate the resources of dryland research center with the health and safety technology of Daikin Air conditioning, and cooperatewiththe development of world desertification, solutions to pressure, and training of relevant talents. The agreement starts on May 1 and lasts for 10 years.

In business, it will explore potential air conditioning demand in arid areas such as Asia, Australia and Africa. President of Tottori University also expressed his vision of solving regional problems and cultivating talents of global enterprises such as Daikin and the world.

TILI company join in the Expo

2.ThePanasonicdeveloped the strength of "walking training robot" developed by Panasonic

Panasonic has developed a mass production mode of "walking training robot" which can let the elderly walk safely. The robot's walking training support service starts with nursing, welfare facilities and hospitals. Helpingelderly people who feel uneasy about walking because of low physical function or falling experience. The service price is 275000 yen per set at the initial stage and 33000 yen per month (including consumption tax). The target is to provide 1500 vehicleson March 2025.

The robot can support the body with the elbow safety design. According to the voice prompt, it can be operated simply on the touch panel. Artificial intelligence (AI) automatically analyzes the daily walking situation and proposes the most appropriate exercise load for each elderly person.

The company developed a walking training robot using AIin 2015. We have been conducting empirical experiments in nursing facilities and other places.

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