"Copper price goes up again"!The second quarter is likely to reach the highest point in the year Jun 15, 2021

    Recently, copper prices is the highest price during 15years and are expected to reach the highest point in the year in the second quarter.

    With the rising cost of raw materials such as copper, iron and plastics, the world expects that China's home appliance exports will continue to grow in the first and second quarters of this year.Suo Xiaofang, deputy general manager of industrial online home appliance business division, said to the reporter of China first finance and Economics: "China's home appliance export has entered a new cycle, from OEM to independent R & D and innovation.

    Chile, the world's largest copper worker strikes, copper prices soar again.

    Then a large number of strikes broke out in China, and many copper workers, including the largest copper mine, escondadi, agreed to strike on May 27. Affected by this, the international copper price rose in an all-round way. In addition, COVID-19, Chile, Peru and Mexico, had a serious impact on production in China. The US $1 trillion and 900 billion plan has stimulated the rise in copper prices.

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