The world will install 5 million heat pumps per month by 2030 Jun 14, 2021

    The  International Energy Agency (IEA) on Paris released a report entitled "Net Zero By 2050 - a roadmap for the global energy sector" on the 18th, saying that in the short term, governments should immediately deploy all available clean and efficient energy technologies on a large scale, In order to achieve the goal of zero net emissions in the global energy sector by 2050, we will install heat  pumps in the construction sector.

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    According to the report, heating and cooling technologies such as heat pumps have made a  significant contribution to near zero emission of buildings. By 2050, the number of households  using natural gas for heating will drop from the current 30% to 0.5%, the number of households  using electric heating will increase from the current 20% to 35% by 2030, and reach 55% by 2050. High efficiency electric heating pump has become the main technology choice for  heating.

    In 2030, the number of heat pumps installed every month in the world will increase from 1.5  million now to about 5 million.

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